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Litigation and Trial Advocacy


Litigation and Trial Advocacy



Business and Commercial Litigation, Construction Litigation, Employment Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Trial Advocacy, Arbitration, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Product Liability



Business and Commercial Litigation

Swanson Bernard views dispute resolution in four ways. First, we counsel clients in mitigating exposure to complex business litigation. Second, if it is in the client’s best interest, we assist the client in trying to settle disputes without the delays, expense, and exposure of business litigation. Next, we consider Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), which can facilitate resolving disputes more rapidly and generally less expensively than in the court system. Finally, as a last resort, we provide commercial litigation services in state, federal, and appeals courts to guard our clients’ rights to resolve a dispute fairly and efficiently. Our litigation group is highly experienced in creditors’ rights, ADR, commercial litigation, employment litigation, estate and fiduciary litigation, real estate and construction litigation, workers’ compensation litigation, bankruptcy preference defense, and insurance defense litigation.



Construction Litigation

Swanson Bernard attorneys deal with all areas of construction law on behalf of owners, design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Our attorneys are experienced in design, bidding, contract negotiation, performance, default, delay claims, OSHA, wage and hour, labor issues, defects, insurance, payment and performance bonds, government contract requirements, and payment on behalf of owners, general contractors, design professionals, sureties, subcontractors and material suppliers, on private and public construction projects. Our construction law team has the depth of experience to address disputes involving government, commercial, industrial, multi-family, public works and residential constructional law issues, including change order, disruption, impact delay, liquidated damages, defective performance, mechanic’s lien, Miller Act and payment and performance bond litigation. If you’re looking for a lawyer for construction contracts, Swanson Bernard attorneys provide construction law advice and representation efficiently. These construction defect lawyers set their sights on solving the immediate issues and proactively incorporating controls to minimize future problems.



Employment Litigation

Swanson Bernard advises its business clients on proactive actions to improve the prospects of employee retention, and if necessary, defensive steps to minimize the costs and disruptions associated with employment disputes. We handle employee mediation and work toward conflict resolution in the workplace. Our attorneys who deal with matters of employment law conduct risk assessments to determine whether employment litigation or an alternative form of dispute resolution is appropriate given the cost of resolving the matter. Other litigation practice areas include Real Estate Litigation and Eminent Domain, Trial Advocacy, Arbitration, Personal Injury, Premises Liability and Product Liability.