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Tax Controversies

If your business is being audited, Swanson Bernard is prepared to step in and resolve controversies surrounding tax matters. Swanson Bernard handles federal, state, and local tax controversies ranging from civil tax assessments and exemptions, to criminal tax fraud investigations. We have attorneys who not only have multiple years of experience involving tax controversy, tax audits and tax appeals, but who also have also worked for the Internal Revenue Service. This previous experience gives an IRS attorney an advantage when dealing with matters of taxation. We believe that succeeding in a tax contest involving the IRS warrants first trying to prevail at the lowest level, the IRS audit. Swanson’s attorneys have experience in appeals within the IRS where resolution is more cost effective than litigating a tax case. However, we are more than prepared to litigate a client’s tax case if our client is dissatisfied with the outcome of an appeal.



Tax Planning

You name it, in the vast world of tax planning services for business owners, Swanson Bernard is well equipped. We recognize that the profit margin for most small to medium-sized businesses (revenue between $1-20 million) is generally thin at best, and the addition of federal, state and local taxes, plus the mounting cost of complying with government regulations and record keeping makes tax relief crucial. For corporate tax planning, one of our main tasks is to analyze whether or not available means to reduce a company’s tax burdens are justified on a cost/benefit basis. However, unless a client has had the opportunity for us to perform a stress test on their tolerance to reduce taxes, we simply are not able to determine whether taxes paid might have been avoidable.