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Trusts and Estates

Estate Planning

Swanson Bernard’s wills and estate planning services involve the design of disposing at death of one’s estate, as well as the preservation of one’s estate during their lifetime. Our attorneys have a wide range of experience: single, married, LGBT, second marriages with and without children from a prior marriage, special needs trusts, charitable trusts and gifts, multiple generations wealth preservation and transfer, as well as foreign citizens residing in the U.S. Our attorneys spend time understanding family dynamics and proactively help clients understand their options to maximize their goals.

The Swanson Bernard estate planning toolbox includes revocable and irrevocable trusts. We use state of the art provisions within our trusts, not boilerplate forms, in order to address the personal, and often private desires of the client.

Fiduciary Services

At Swanson Bernard, we offer our clients a body of services comprising legal, fiduciary, and tax-planning services, all integrated in order to meet a client’s entire estate planning objectives. These services often include will and asset management.

When deciding between an individual fiduciary or corporate fiduciary, the choice must always result in a fiduciary whose skills are suited to the particular trust and client involved. Only certain attorneys, not the Firm, serve as trustees. Our attorneys always have independent financial advisors recommending suitable investments for the trust. Our attorneys serving as trustees also work with accountants, life insurance agents and other professional advisors to ensure that the overall financial plan best achieves all client objectives.

Other practice areas include Trust Administration, Trust & Probate Litigation, and Elder Law.



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