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Corporate and Business Services



Securities and Corporate Finance, Corporate Transactions/Mergers & Acquisitions, Succession Planning, Business Advisory Services, Non-Profit Services, Construction Services, Real-Estate Transactions, Aviation, Employment Advice & Council



Securities and Corporate Finance

If you’re wondering how to start a business, the attorneys of Swanson Bernard can assist. Swanson Bernard's corporate and securities practice focuses on start-up businesses, company formation, incorporation, proprietorship registration and corporate financing. This includes the choice of entities such as Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships. Whether a combination of debt and equity, or a pure equity offering, our experienced corporate attorneys can help successful businesses looking to grow. Swanson Bernard prides itself on expanding our clients’ ability to target and access merger or joint venture candidates. We are in frequent contact with our worldwide network of Meritas affiliates to find the best fit for our particular clients who are seeking strategic opportunities.



Succession Planning

We understand that a business is often the most significant asset that an individual owns. We also understand that a business often reflects an owner’s lifetime efforts. Moreover, if a person wants to preserve family harmony, addressing the impact that transferring the business to the next generation or selling one’s business to a third-party can have on the family must be recognized. That is why open communication and proper documentation are essential in matters of succession, especially family business succession planning. There are many resources available on the topic of succession planning, however, there is a missing element – you, the business owner, your business, your partner(s), your family, and your family business transition are unique. We believe by focusing on these key elements when executing business succession planning, there is a much higher chance for a successful outcome.



Construction Services

Swanson Bernard attorneys deal with all areas of construction law on behalf of owners, design professionals, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Our attorneys are experienced in design, bidding, contract negotiation, performance, default, delay claims, OSHA, wage and hour, labor issues, defects, insurance, payment and performance bonds, government contract requirements, and payment on behalf of owners, general contractors, design professionals, sureties, subcontractors and material suppliers, on private and public construction projects. Our construction law team has the depth of experience to address disputes involving government, commercial, industrial, multi-family, public works and residential constructional law issues, including change order, disruption, impact delay, liquidated damages, defective performance, mechanic’s lien, Miller Act and payment and performance bond litigation. If you’re looking for a lawyer for construction contracts, Swanson Bernard attorneys provide construction law advice and representation efficiently. These construction defect lawyers set their sights on solving the immediate issues and proactively incorporating controls to minimize future problems. Other practice areas include Corporate Transactions / Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Advisory Services, Non-Profit Services, Employment Advice and Counsel, Real Estate Transactions, and Aviation.


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